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this one time i went out with an afghan refugee guy, we had home econ together and a mutual kind of hooked us up. so i knew he liked football and tried to talk to him about it, but less than 3 minutes into the date he just came out with a “let’s have sex” and of course i said no, but he didnt get why, like its europe “you dont have to be ashamed” and i get he was from a different culture and all but i just didnt have the patience to explain to him the ethics of dating and just left. the next day in class we were making cakes for an event at school and i made an almost diabetically delicious chocolate cake with chocolate glazing that id been trying out but always failed, and this time it worked and solidified for the first time! i was so excited and happy, but i left to clean up my table and when i came back it was gone and him and some of his friends were giving me weird grins, and i guess that was his payback for me not putting out like a pez dispenser, and i sincerely hope he gets painful cancer and dies a slow and painful death, because the teacher didn’t believe that the cake just ‘disappeared’ and failed me. 

this was 4 years ago and im still bitter… it’s just a cake you say, but you try cooking an extra sugar black cocoa creamy glazing that will solidify on the cake instead of staying liquid like super glue on the knife everytime you cut into it without using shortening which is disgusting… 


Hazelnut Torte | The Moonblush Baker on We Heart It.


Graffiti Is Not A Crime

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Meet Biddy, The Travelling Hedgehog

Those of us who want to travel but do not have the time or the money finally have a solution – we can travel in spirit together with Biddy the hedgehog, a little guy on Instagram whose travel photos are becoming insanely popular.

Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher, Biddy’s two loving owners in Oregon, take him on adventures almost every week throughout the Pacific Northwest. He visits mountains, forests, waterfalls, and the occasional donut shop.

[instagram] [h/t: catsbeaversandducks]

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Madonna be like


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